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Automatic granule packing machine peanut beans popcorn packaging machine
    Publish time 2019-10-21 10:01    

Automatic peanut beans popcorn granule packing machine Introduction                 

This automatic granule packing machine adapted to a variety of granular,such as peanuts,beans,seeds,popcorn and other materials,automatic packing.

Automatic peanut beans popcorn granule packing machine Features                       

1The machine adopts the world's most advanced microcomputer chip control.
2With 5-inch large screen LCD,simple-to-use interface.
3With photoelectric eye tracking and detection.
4With two packets accurate sealing and cutting.
5You can choose to install: date printer,and exhaust or inflatable devices.


Automatic peanut beans popcorn granule packing machine Parameters                    

ModelKN-THB4-320C1-Z3D automatic peanut beans popcorn granule packing machine
Bag styleBack seal
Speed32-72bag/mins or 50-100 bag/mins
Bag length30-180mm
Bag width25-145mm
Filling range22-220ml
Power consumption1.8KW
Machine dimension650*1050*1950mm
Machine weight250KG

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